Implementing Blockchain for Voting: An Indepth Look at the Technical Issues-5.3

The viability of blockchain-based voting systems has been highly contentious. At a technical level, blockchains and their associated technology — such as cryptography and distributed storage systems like IPFS — provide some unique advantages that legacy voting systems don’t employ. The current criticisms of blockchain-based voting systems largely stem from their functionality as online/e-voting models that have received their fair share of criticism over the years as vulnerable to hacking and manipulation.

At the core of the debate that proponents of blockchain voting systems are pushing is that developing innovative solutions using the technology do not necessarily have to be perfect, as long as they simply improve upon the current model. Alex Tapscott recently penned an Op-Ed in the New York Times leading up to the recent midterm elections about online voting systems. The piece was met with stiff resistance by academics and political pundits, but it highlighted some important consequences of a secure and anonymous online voting system underscored by a P2P blockchain system.

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