Malware Researcher Discovers Fake Crypto Wallets and Mining Apps on Google Play Store-9.77

In an elaborate post by Malware researcher Lukas Stefanko, it was revealed that there is a new way for thieves to steal personal information from people. What began as credit card and identity theft has metamorphosed into stealing crypto-related information of unsuspecting users, and their funds. In particular, Stefanko found three fake crypto apps on the Google Play Store; a Neo Wallet (developed by Granville), Tether Wallet (also developed by Granville) and Neo Wallet (developed by Trackers NEO).

However, it doesn’t stop there; apparently, there is also a malware app that has been developed, which goes by the name ‘MetaMask.’ In his report, Lukas Stefanko categorized the fake apps under two categories, in which the first three fell under the “fake wallets” category. The other category is known as “phishing,” which is where the fake MetaMask app falls into. The fake MetaMask app, once installed requests for the user’s wallet password and their private keys—needed to withdraw funds from the account.

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