Chairmen of SEC and CFTC Co-Author Article on Crypto Regulations

The article outlines a number of perceived problems facing the cryptocurrency sphere from the perspective of market regulators, in addition to discussing whether the prevailing regulatory norms are applicable to the virtual currency economy. The WSJ article describes distributed ledger technology as comprising "The advancement that underpins an array of new financial products, including cryptocurrencies and digital payment services." The officials state that "Many have identified DLT as the next great diver of economic efficiency," adding that "Some have even compared it to productivity-driving innovations such as the steam engine and personal computer." The article states that "Countless companies chased the dot-com promise, yet only a fraction survived," adding that "Fewer still provided their investors with life-changing returns." Of cryptocurrencies, the authors assert that "Experience tells us that while some market participants may make fortunes, the risks to all investors are high," adding that "Caution is merited." The article advocates that policy-makers revisit the pertinent regulatory apparatus' imposed on business operating with cryptocurrencies.
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