A Newcomer’s Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity – Part 1-4.14

Last year, the iPhone turned 10 years old–that’s almost a third of the age of the modern commercial internet. Many of us who grew up with the first wave of electronic devices (before the iPhone and smartphones took over the world) can remember a time without music on our phones, app stores and near-constant internet connectivity.

However, we can’t remember a time without usernames and passwords or a time when we didn’t have to go through a company’s website to set up an account (a kind of identity). That’s because the way we handle identity on the internet hasn’t changed all that much in the time we’ve had smartphones or widespread commercial internet. But there’s a chance that, if you’re reading this story in a few years, that might no longer be true, and it will be in part because of platforms like LifeID.

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