Terrorists Prefer Cash to Cryptocurrency: Congressional Hearing Reveals-3.34

The U.S. Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance, met, September 7, 2018, to examine the numerous methods used by major terror groups to generate and move funds to support their activities and organizations. Commencing talks at the hearing was Subcommittee Chairman, Steve Pearce who started by duly recognizing that; “terrorist organizations cannot function without financial resources to organize and carry out their violent actions.”

The hearing was focused on tackling the issue of terrorism with an understanding of some cogent facts, that; terrorism is continually spreading with an increasing number of groups around the world threatening the United States. Most importantly, efforts to combat the financing of terrorism are a central pillar to tackling all forms of terrorist activity and essentially, the threat from terrorism and terrorist financing, requires constant vigilance and adaptation by law enforcement, financial institutions, and regulators.

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