Square and eToro 3x User Base by Integrating Crypto, Others Lag Behind22.93

The crypto market has undoubtedly begun to permeate into legacy systems, with several forward-thinking firms beginning to make a foray into this space over the past months. While these moves are often seen as high-risk, as a result of the negative image propagated by the mainstream media and consumers, firms adopting cryptocurrencies have actually excelled and expanded, much to the dismay of naysayers.

Despite this industry’s infancy, financial-technology (fintech) firms have embraced crypto assets with open arms, with firms like Robinhood, Square, eToro, and Revolut all taking a unique take on cryptocurrencies over the years. And while this would be a hazardous choice for traditional institutions, some say that crypto and fintech go hand-in-hand, as the next era of the financial world will likely involve some form of blockchain-backed digital assets in one way or another.

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