3 Cryptocurrencies Well-Positioned to Beat BTC: NPXS, POLIS, TRIG26.01

The cryptocurrency markets continue to provide volatility and entry points if timed correctly. This week has multiple cryptocurrencies that have been selected due to the important news on the horizon, impressive growth during the bear market and passive income that was over one hundred percent returns during the bear months.

People have been arguing for eight months regarding what the next catalyst will be that shifts market momentum from Bear to Bull. Will it be a September exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) for BTC? Will it be supportive government regulations? Could it be as simple as the regularly occurring 3rd or 4th quarter bull-run that seems to take place as families are home for the holidays? Regardless of what initiates the next bull-run, it is important to position one’s self so they are exposed to the coins they believe will beat bitcoin’s return. If you cannot beat BTC’s return than it would be best if you solely held BTC 00.

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