Forbes: Meet David Schwartz, Ripple’s Trillion Dollar Man-0.15

David Schwartz is the current Chief Technology Officer at Ripple and he has been active in most of the social media platforms explaining his vision for a decentralized ledger as well as simplifying the remittance industry via Ripple products and XRP. He can be applauded for clearing the air with respect to how actually decentralized the XRP ledger is through a very informative post on the Ripple website. He also has a sense of humor as can be seen in the following recent tweet with the recent Stellar (XLM) pump in the markets. (XML is a programming language and different from XLM):

I'm not sure what I can say about this:"And as Lumens XML is much more decentralised compared to Ripple’s XRP, making it much more attractive this may trigger financial institutions to opt for IBM’s Blockchain World Wire."

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