Here Is How Bitcoin (BTC) Has Survived Worse, Including the Mt. Gox Saga of 2013/20149.77

The crypto-markets have continued to decline into the weekend due to the delay of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. The total market capitalization is threatening on getting to levels below $200 Billion. Current levels are at $209 Billion.

A quick analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) shows that the King of Crypto has been falling in value from mid December and from peak levels of $20,000. It then touched a new low on June 29th when it was valued at around $5,880. This marked 6 months since BTC started free-falling in the markets with a decline of 70.6% in the same time period. The current value of BTC at $6,145 indicates that we could witness levels below $6k once again. This possibility has caused panic in the crypto-verse but Bitcoin has survived worse periods of turmoil and come out victorious as shall be elaborated.

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