$35 Million Refund? Developer Appeals Ethereum for Hard Fork Hack Reversal170.41

In order to fund a new venture called TapTrust, Levy is appealing to the hacker to return the funds, and failing that, he's turning to the community to implement what would entail a system-wide software upgrade, or hard fork, to do so. "Particularly in light of something like a hack, it's a very important issue for the community, and it's one that, I think, the network and the platform of ethereum and the community, we need to figure out," Levy told CoinDesk in an exclusive interview. The wallet generation tool Levy used, developed by ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, had a critical flaw in that others could access the wallet just with the passphrase. While the latest discussion around fund recovery stemmed from a code vulnerability that allowed a newbie coder to freeze, at the time, $160 million worth of ether in Parity Technologies ethereum client, Levy said hacks should be looked at categorically differently.
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