Project Platypus: Jimmy Song's New Plan to Fund Unpaid Bitcoin Coders443.86

Informally dubbed Platypus Labs, the project will support developers with a combination of residencies and fellowships, with an initial focus on coders building on Bitcoin Core, the most used version of the bitcoin software. While the project, which will have a physical location in San Francisco, will at first focus specifically on building up the developer ecosystem around bitcoin, the lab could eventually expand to include support for other cryptocurrencies. As bitcoin became more popular, educational institutions such as MIT and venture-backed startups like BitPay, Blockstream and Chain Code Labs began hiring bitcoin developers to keep up their work on the public blockchain. While Song has committed 14 changes to the Bitcoin Core codebase, he's better known as an educator, making a name for himself through Programming Blockchain, a two-day seminar designed to give Python developers the necessary skills to write code for bitcoin applications.
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