Gibraltar Will Take Market-Driven Approach to ICO Rules160.84

Gibraltar may be moving to regulate initial coin offerings, but officials say it will be up to the market to determine what a "Good" token sale looks like. Gibraltar's government outlined a tripartite approach that would address "The promotion, sale and distribution of tokens," create a well-regulated secondary market related to tokens and establish standards for the provision of advice relating to token investment within its jurisdiction. "We don't see a place for us as a regulator, or indeed Gibraltar as a jurisdiction that makes its own laws, for saying what 'good' looks like in token sales," Sian Jones, a senior advisor to the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, told CoinDesk in an interview Tuesday. Paul Astengo, senior finance executive at the Gibraltar Finance Centre, told CoinDesk that the timing of the territory's ICO regulation is a product of its efforts to "Keep abreast of developments" in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
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