ZCash Will be Forked Into YCash Today16

As the Summer trucks along rather nicely, it seems another cryptocurrency hard fork is on the horizon. The ZCash project will be forked into a different chain known as YCash. Contrary to previous forks of this kind, there is a degree of amicability between both teams, rather than a genuine dispute. There is some work to be done looking to claim their YCash tokens, though.

On the surface, there have been a fair few projects which are derived from ZCash and still try to stick around in 2019. The world of privacy coins has gotten a lot of attention in recent months, albeit it remains to be seen how successful these ventures prove to be in the next few years. For the YCash team, forking is a matter of voicing their disagreement with the future of ZCash while still maintaining the core functionality and features provided by the “parent” project.

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