Crypto Analyst: “Libra” Searches Popular in China, Not U.S.
    Don’t ask us why, but Libra is trending in China. Yes, China. Despite the fact that Facebook is vehemently verboten in the nation, which has also blocked most mainstream Western media outlets, the cryptocurrency has reached the peak of the Chinese internet. This also comes in spite of the fact that most crypto-related activities, especially those involving Bitcoin and the trading of the asset, are...
    Watch: Congress Slaps Facebook’s Libra, Sings Bitcoin’s Praises24
    Members of Congress were much more demanding of Facebook blockchain chief David Marcus than were Senators the day prior with both Libra and Bitcoin being spoken about. Facebook’s foray into the radical new world of decentralized ledges has aroused numerous legislative and regulatory pushback efforts. Legislators Talking Bitcoin Maximalism? Run. Democrats in Congress have repeatedly […]
    Binance suddenly finding $775,000 in XLM is totally not a publicity stunt32
    Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance has apparently stumbled upon almost 10 million Stellar (XLM) tokens, worth $775,000 — you know, just laying around. According to a Binance blog post, the firm had been unknowingly receiving dividends for validating transactions on the Stellar network since August 31 2018. “Fast forward to this week, when we looked into the staking of Stellar for
    Shark Tank Celebrity Claims Facebook’s Libra Will Pummel Bitcoin to ‘Zero’7.2
    Investor and Shark Tank shark Kevin ‘Mr. Wonderful’ O’Leary has dismissed concerns raised against Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra. Speaking on CNBC, the avowed Bitcoin skeptic stated that Libra has the capacity to become accepted and consequently useful with effective regulation. Stemming from this O’Leary is bullish on the social media giant’s future prospects. On the other […]
    Dow Teeters as ANOTHER Government Shutdown Threatens Economy26.4
    The Dow and US stock market risked falling for a third consecutive day as a confluence of bearish factors tested Wall Street’s fortitude. Disappointing earnings, “complicated issues” stalling US-China trade negotiations, and the threat of another crippling government shutdown all roiled the markets on Thursday. Dow slides toward a third straight loss The Dow, S&P […]