Opera officially launches its blockchain-ready browser for the iPhone30
    Earlier this year, Opera launched its cryptocurrency and blockchain-ready browser for Android and PC users. Today, it’s finally launching its equivalent for iPhone, Opera Touch. With the launch, Opera Touch for iOS provides the same Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency wallet integration as its Android and PC-based counterpart. Opera says that it allows users to interact directly and seamlessly with Web 3.o...
    4 Reasons to get Excited About the Penny/Nano Exchange14
    One thing everyone agrees on is how innovation is a key factor in the cryptocurrency industry. While not all projects are destined to achieve mainstream adoption in quick succession, no stone should be left unturned either. The Penny/Nano Exchanger is a very curious contraption, albeit one that can effectively serve a purpose. A niche purpose, perhaps, but it is still an interesting contraption.