Preston Byrne: "For the last time, Ripple Labs created XRP"0.01

    There has been a meme propagated in recent months by the folks over at Ripple Labs. That meme is that the cryptocurrency token known as “Ripple” or “XRP” has absolutely nothing to do with Ripple Labs the company, that XRP pre-existed Ripple Labs the company and was gifted to it, and that the protocol that runs XRP is totally decentralized, à la Bitcoin.

    Why You Need a Physical Vault to Secure a Virtual Currency0.01

    In conventional finance, transactions such as bank wires can be undone for a period after they take place. Cryptocurrency security has to be more sophisticated because there is no undo function, according to Nicholas Weaver, a security researcher at the University of California at Berkeley. “Because cryptocurrency is incompatible with modern financial fraud mitigation, you just can’t keep it on an internet connected computer,” he says.